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Melinda Schwenk-Borrell (ASC ’95, GR ‘04)

I'll never forget my first week as a master’s student at Annenberg. One professor told me he "hated" rhetoric, while another told me he "hated" historical research. Notwithstanding these two rebukes to the research I love, and despite ASC's penchant for quantitative behavioral research, I forged ahead with a comprehensive, historical, rhetoric-inspired study for my dissertation. I appreciate Dr. Messaris' faith in my abilities and all the professors at ASC for teaching me the scientific method, allowing me to become the ASC "coding queen" for a short while, and preparing me to teach and research new technologies' influence on mediated communication.  My favorite outside speaker to address the School?  Jaroslav Pelikan.  What my body doesn't miss?  All those pizza lunches for Friday seminars and the cheese-steak hoagies from Lan's truck.  What A0mbassador Annenberg told me the one time I met him?  Keep whaling away! And, in honor of the Annenbergs and all they gave me through this school, that's what I'm doing!