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Larry Ott (ASC '65)

Congratulations to The Annenberg School for Communication on its 50th Anniversary! It is impressive to see how the School has grown and prospered.  Since my daughter returned to Penn as an undergraduate and graduate student, I’ve had the chance to go back many times and watch the physical growth of both Annenberg and the University.  During the 44 years since graduation, I have also been lucky enough to get to put into practice a few of the things I learned at ASC, working first for the United States Information Agency and now the private sector. Almost all of my communication activities have been linked to public diplomacy and international development.  My travels have taken me to nearly 70 countries, the most recent being Afghanistan. It has been a wonderful ride around the “global village” we talked, read and researched about so many years ago.  My fondest regards to the class of ’65!