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Ken Karp (ASC '77)

I have no shortage of extraordinary ASC reminiscences and appreciation.  But this milestone anniversary also begs a transparent accounting of the past, present and future of ASC's master’s program.


I've followed the statements, made my inquiries and still cannot comprehend how a school, whose master’s program was once its largest, now offers undergrad and doctoral programs but no longer a master’s program: a glaring hole.  And it's odd holding a degree from a non-existent program once offered by an institution that goes merrily along with programs on either side of the defunct master’s.


A renewed dialogue on this anomaly - in particular, revisiting the rationale for the master's demise, suspension, or however it's being couched - would, I'm certain, be appreciated by the many who hold an ASC master’s on the occasion of this 50th anniversary.