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Alan Kouns (ASC '67)

My time at Annenberg was my best educational experience. I especially remember certain faculty members: Hiram Haydn in writing, John Rowe Townsend in journalism, and Rolf Meyersohn in sociology. The School's program of professional courses taught by media professionals, with an academic basis in social sciences, was the best plan for a school of communication. Good memories of my experience at Annenberg and Penn generally have caused me to be an active alumnus. I was an officer of the Penn alumni club in Los Angeles for nearly 17 years--mainly as director of educational events--and remain a club member. My post-Annenberg career has included work in print and broadcast journalism, educational multimedia, university teaching, and medical communication. At present, I am self employed as an editorial and publicity consultant, a book manuscript editor in online publishing, and a freelance journalist. I would enjoy hearing from other Annenberg graduates.