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PDF icon ASC Course Bulletin 1962-63.pdf5.15 MB
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PDF icon ASC Course Bulletin 1987-89.pdf28.08 MB
PDF icon ASC Curriculum 1959-60.pdf2.16 MB
PDF icon Cappella Comm 650 Spring 1991.pdf916.66 KB
PDF icon Copy of Gilbert Seldes letter to Walter Annenberg 9.15.1959.pdf567.2 KB
PDF icon Gandy Comm 634 Spring 1994.pdf1.85 MB
PDF icon Gaylord Harnwell's letter to Walter Annenberg accompanying gold key to ASC building 10.23.1963.pdf511.33 KB
PDF icon Gerbner Comm 668 Spring 1967.pdf516.17 KB
PDF icon Gerbner's First Student Welcome Letter 8.3.1964.pdf955.44 KB
PDF icon Gilbert Seldes Saturday Review article on establishment of the Annenberg School 1.24.1959.pdf1.75 MB
PDF icon Gross Comm 676 Spring 1974.pdf1.29 MB
PDF icon Hoban's Draft of Admissions Standards 1961.pdf688.91 KB
PDF icon Krippendorff Comm 680 Fall 1973.pdf472.73 KB
PDF icon Mandelbaum Comm 632 Spring 1967.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon Marvin Comm 636 Spring 1986.pdf480.78 KB
PDF icon Penn Press Release on ASC Establishment 12.15.1958.pdf2.52 MB
Image icon Pennsylvania Gazette article on establishment of Annenberg School 1958.jpg561.59 KB
PDF icon Press Release Announcing George Gerbner Appointment 4.3.1964.pdf1.99 MB
PDF icon Program from Annenberg School dedication November 1962.pdf604.45 KB
PDF icon Proseminar 1965-66.pdf558.15 KB
PDF icon Proseminar and Colloquium 1964-65.pdf543.97 KB
PDF icon Proseminar Essay Questions Fall 1967.pdf970.55 KB
PDF icon Proseminar Outline and Readings Fall 1967.pdf832.7 KB
PDF icon Shayon Comm 650 Spring 1977.pdf814.84 KB
PDF icon Worth Comm 684-685 Documentary Film Laboratory.pdf1.65 MB
PDF icon Worth Documentary Film Lab Fall 1965.pdf1.12 MB
PDF icon Building evolution.pdf1.21 MB
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