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Jim Taylor (ASC '78)

I was one of the older students, older than at least half my professors, having previously led a full life as a television producer. I thus became both a doctoral student and head of the TV lab. What I especially remember is John Massie, who was the technical genius that kept it all going. However, I had some very, very bright master's students who wanted to experiment with new ideas about doing television, and John came out of the old school, where you played by the rules set by the union of technicians (as I had had to do). I had a key to the studio, however, so on the weekend my bad students and I were there trying out some of the radical innovations (leading, as it turned out, to three master's theses, and later one of the students, Mike Mills, developed the idea for QuickTime at Apple, still a standard I believe). One of the videos we produced, Ronnie and Paulie, was for years a property of the Museum of Modern Arts in New York. John Massie must have known about our misadventures, but, gentleman that he was, he never complained and he and I got on very well.